Adopt-a-Tree In the Argonne Orchard!

The Argonne Community Garden has a rare and unique natural resource: an apple and pear tree orchard, one of the only orchards in San Francisco. This rare and wonderful orchard needs our care and protection.

Argonne Orchard Tree Varieties

Fruit tree varieties include: White Pearmain, originating from the coastal region in England circa 1300; Gravenstein; Red Gravenstein Spourt; Gala; Arkansas Black; Anna; Red Pear; and Meyer Lemon.

A Call to Gardeners: Adopt-A-Tree in the Argonne Garden!

There are twenty fruit bearing trees in the Argonne Garden, sixteen apple trees, two pear trees and two lemon trees. You can become an important part of the health of the Argonne Orchard by adopting a fruit tree to care for. You will also be delighted at the wonderful results that can come from your care — apples and pears abundant on the branches! And delicious fruit tarts, pies and sauces ready for the big bake off at Harvest Time!

Here’s How: Sign up for a specific tree to care for; care includes watering, clearing the surrounding undergrowth from trunk to drip line, enriching the soil with compost and protecting with mulch. You will be provided with an Orchard Care Guide on how to help your tree to thrive.

Contact: Orchard Conservator, Sheree Kaslikowski to sign up.