Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What vegetables, fruits, and other plants grow well at Argonne?

A. Kale, carrots, snap peas, strawberries, artichokes, parsley, fava beans, lettuces, sorrel, spinach, rhubarb, chard, raspberries, asparagus, tarragon, chives, sage, sunflowers, coastal California natives, and roses.

Q. How frequently do vegetables and other plants need to be watered at the Argonne Garden?

A. The Argonne Garden is an ecosystem that has its own microclimate within the Richmond District and San Francisco. It's location on an incline attracts strong sun and wind on clear days with dense fog intermittently and during July and August. A sandy ground foundation in addition to the incline allows for rapid water absorption and run off, even during the rainy season.

Some general guidelines:

  • Newly planted seeds: Daily
  • Small plants: Alternate days or daily on high wind days and over 65 degrees
  • Mature plants: 1-2 times week, but when over 75 degrees, daily or alternate days

Q. What plants and other materials can I bring into the garden?

A. The Argonne Garden is an organic garden. Gardeners agree to garden organically with organic, non-invasive plants and non-toxic materials such as natural, untreated cedar or redwood (preferably recycled), with no chemical sprays, etc.

Q. What variety of fruit trees are currently growing in the Argonne Orchard?

A. White Pearmain, Gravenstein, Red Gravenstein Spourt, Anna, Arkansas Black, Red Pear, and Meyer Lemon.

Q. How do I join the Argonne Community Garden?

A. Read the Argonne Community Garden Membership Agreement online. Sign up on the online wait list with your name, phone number, email address, and San Francisco residential address.

Q. How long is the current wait for a plot?

A. The current wait for a plot can be tracked at the Argonne Community Garden wait list page. The wait is somewhat unpredictable as it varies when people relocate, etc.

Q. What is the annual membership fee? When is it due?

A. The annual membership fee for new members is currently $65 and is due every February.

Q. As an Argonne Community Garden Member, what will my responsibilities be?

A. Your responsibilities will include adhering to the ACG Agreement by participating in community workdays or contributing the equivalent volunteer time to sustain common areas. You pledge to gardening organically and actively as plot and path steward, and you must pay your annual membership dues.

Q. As an Argonne Community Garden Member, what resources will I have access to?

A. As a member, you will have access to support and information from the Argonne Garden community and leadership members including an area coordinator. For hands-on gardening: the garden shed w/ garden tools, wheelbarrows and supplies, the geodesic dome greenhouse, garden reference books and planting info, orchard care guide, seed library, picnic tables, garden benches, organic compost/soil, organic mulch and green bins. How much compost? 1"-2" per year mixed in with existing soil to revitalize.

Q. What Argonne Community Garden programs and activities are available?

A. AC Garden volunteer programs and community activities include: adopt-a-tree in the orchard program, north fence gardeners, Halloween and winter solstice celebration, and community work party potlucks.