History of the Garden

The Argonne Community Garden started in 1975 when the San Francisco Unified School District issued a permit to use vacant land surrounding the Argonne Children's Center for growing vegetables and flowers. Mary Ann Crandall was the first Garden Coordinator. It was her vision and commitment that enabled the garden to become a reality. The garden fences, watering system , tool shed, greenhouse, orchard, raised beds, and compost bins have been built by its members.

Over the years the garden has served many public and private schools. It has produced fresh vegetables for local food programs. It has supported programs for youth and seniors . It has withstood the ravishes of nature, including a severe storm that blew down the domed greenhouse in 1981. It has withstood the ravishes of city politics, too. In 1995 a decision was made to close the children's center and sell the garden land. This decision was reversed when hundreds of people attended the garden's 20th anniversary celebration, showing their support for keeping the center and the garden.

Today, the Argonne Community Garden, the only community garden in the Richmond district, continues as an open space location next to Argonne Children' s Center where 103 gardeners and gardening needs of the surrounding community are tended to.

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