June 2011

Argonne Orchard Health Update & Tree Removal Team Needed!

The following attachment contains an overview of the observations & recommendations of Lawrence Costello* of UC Davis regarding the Argonne Orchard. It includes the necessity of removing apple tree #5 ASAP by a willing and energetic team. Please let me know if you are willing to be part of the Tree Removal Team! Your contribution will be very much appreciated by all who will enjoy a healthy orchard. This is also a good opportunity for those gardeners who were not able to attend the other work days so far.

Attention: Please take special care with all garden waste

Green/compostable material goes in the green bins by the south gate on the 15th Ave. side. If these are full, green/compostable material can be place in a pile behind the bins for later addition to these bins (and by all means, if you add to the pile, please return to transfer the material to the green bins, which are emptied every Tuesday morning). Other non-compostable waste should be carried off-site to your own garbage if this is feasible. If the waste is large/unwieldy (e.g. rotten wood), it can be placed next to the compost pile.

Broad Bean Rust epidemic on Fava beans

Delia brought to my attention that some of the Fava beans in the garden plots have contracted a disease that appears to be Broad Bean Rust. One way to prevent/control this disease is to thin out the Fava beans for greater air circulation. The disease is caused by a fungus and has no effective treatment. At the end of the season, it is best to remove all infected plants, or the disease will remain in the garden & spread. Thank you for your cooperation in controlling Broad bean Rust Fungus in the garden.