Broad Bean Rust epidemic on Fava beans

Delia brought to my attention that some of the Fava beans in the garden plots have contracted a disease that appears to be Broad Bean Rust. One way to prevent/control this disease is to thin out the Fava beans for greater air circulation. The disease is caused by a fungus and has no effective treatment. At the end of the season, it is best to remove all infected plants, or the disease will remain in the garden & spread. Thank you for your cooperation in controlling Broad bean Rust Fungus in the garden.


Catherine G's picture

So, the best way to proceed for now is to just thin out the plants? I hope to not lose all the plants before they've started producing. On a more positive note, when I looked at my fava beans last weekend, they were COVERED in ladybugs. Must have been a nest or something in there! :-D

Catherine G.

If the beans look good and healthy and ladybugs abound, the beans may not need to be thinned, at least not until after they have begun yield.