Attention: Please take special care with all garden waste

Green/compostable material goes in the green bins by the south gate on the 15th Ave. side. If these are full, green/compostable material can be place in a pile behind the bins for later addition to these bins (and by all means, if you add to the pile, please return to transfer the material to the green bins, which are emptied every Tuesday morning). Other non-compostable waste should be carried off-site to your own garbage if this is feasible. If the waste is large/unwieldy (e.g. rotten wood), it can be placed next to the compost pile. Under no circumstances should waste be placed near (within 3 feet) or against the building on the south side of the garden. The owner of this building recently (and justifiably) complained about rotten wood left leaning against his building. We need this building's owner and other neighbors to appreciate and advocate for the open, cultivated space we've created.