Garden Community Responsibilities: Our Shared Ecosystem


Responsibilities standard in all gardens:

1. To care for the land - active gardening requirement year-round. Gardeners are responsible for keeping their plot and the paths surrounding their plot clean and free of weeds. Gardeners shall at no time plant or weed in any other person’s plot, except as directed by the Garden Coordinator on garden work days* or by prior agreement with that plot holder. (*Garden Coordinator must provide 7 days of advance notice to the plot holder prior to the garden work day.)
2. Maintain your plot within its confines without plants encroaching into common areas or other plots. No plants may be higher than 6 feet over soil level in plots. Beds may not be raised higher than 3 feet.
3. No altering of the dimensions of a plot or of the surrounding area.
4. Keep common areas clear.
5. Be civil and cooperative in regard to other gardeners, neighbors, and the public.
6. ‘Organic Gardening’ practiced here. Abide by City rules regarding best organic practices. No herbicides or pesticides may be used, except for organic-based materials, such as iron phosphate for snail and slug bait. Please note that certain plants are not responsive to herbicides, such as poison oak and blackberry. Contact the Recreation and Park Department for recommended removal techniques.
7. Be mindful of water usage. Gardens shall be managed for best practices in water conservation (e.g., drip irrigation, time of watering, clustering like plantings in
zones). Minimize water waste. Ornamental plantings should be targeted to drought-resistant species.
8. Sign the Waiver, Release and Hold Harmless Agreement and return to the Garden Coordinator or the Recreation and Park Department’s Community Garden Program Coordinator.
9. Anyone you wish to garden with you in your plot, at the time you sign this agreement, must also sign this agreement.
10. Garden Coordinator/Garden approval is required for adding someone at a later date. If approved, the new gardener signs this agreement.
11. Plots cannot be given away by you to anyone else.
12. In case of illness, pregnancies, travel et al, inform your Garden Coordinator about your situation. Either party finds a temporary person to garden in your stead; this person signs a temporary version of this agreement to end on a date of no longer than a three-month duration.
13. Gardeners agree to respect the peace and quiet of the surrounding neighborhood. Children and guests should also be instructed to refrain from walking on garden plots, or damaging or taking plants, or fruits thereof, that do
not belong to them.
14. Follow security guidelines recommended by the Recreation and Park Department. Trust your instincts and know your gardening partners and neighbors.
15. REASSIGNMENT: The Garden Coordinator shall notify non-active gardeners with a verbal, telephone or email warning. If active gardening does not resume within 15 days, or the gardener has not responded to messages from the Garden Coordinator, or the garden member is not reachable, then a written 30-day notice to resume activity shall be issued.
16. You hereby agree to your garden’s specific rules, as follows below.

Responsibilities specific to your garden:

1. You understand that your community garden will have additional specific arrangements that you agree to as a community gardener.
2. Storage of tools and equipment.
3. Compost and waste guidelines.
4. Workday and meeting attendance; and any other active gardening requirement
as determined by your garden.
5. Specific security measures.
6. Pathways, common areas, behavior expectations.
7. Use of materials and tools; storage.
8. Time and work responsibilities.
9. Future matters to be decided.